Monday, December 27, 2010

Filipina Sex - TightPussy18 - A Hot Young Filipina Treat On Cam

TightPussy18 is a beautiful 18 year old Pinay Teen live on her webcam at AsianBabeCams.   She is a full figured young Pinay Doll with lots of pussy and ass under that sexy little mini skirt pictured to the left.   She's been working at AsianBabeCams now for three or four months, which means she's ready for a spin.

I took her into private chat, and was excited when I found this beautiful Pinay to be sweet, charming and sexy in Private Chat.  She did ask the standard, "May I know your name, etc..." but after 30 seconds, she was ready to play.  

I asked her to remove that top black tube from her firm young round Filipina breasts, and she did so immediately.   She started to play with her nice little 1/4 inch nipples that stuck out when she rubbed them.  It got my dick hard instantly, knowing this hot little Filipino Teen was getting excited during our private chat session.  It was only a matter of a few more seconds as she stood up and remove that mini skirt. Keep in mind, she was staring into the camera at me, and making sure that her eye contact was at me and not her monitor.   She then turned around and bent that sweet full figured hips and ass right at the cam, and spread those fantastic Pinay ass cheeks wide open.  You could see that hot 18 year old Filipina pussy and it looked good enough to eat, and more.

I asked her to get down on all fours, doggie style, and she said, "That's my favorite position".  What a good little Pinay cam doll!   Without asking her, she immediately went right for that tender young Filipina ass of hers, and started to finger it with right in front of the camera.   She was a peach, as I didn't have to say much, but just whack off while she did her thing.  

When I was ready to blow my load, I asked her to put her mouth up to the camera for me to take it all.  She said, "I love to swallow babes."  That was it, and I blew my load, with a cumtastic ending to all of it.  

She is live daily at AsianBabeCams and I'll visit her again.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Filipina Sex - Sexy_Princess69 - A tiny little ass for cam sex

Althought her webcam speed needs to improve along with the quality of the cam or lighting, Sexy_princess69 is a slender young Pinay beauty that will blow your mind in private chat.

If you like slender Filipina Cam Girls, then Sexy_Princess is the one of you.   She is all pussy and ass.  That is the only way to describe this wonderful specimin of hot cam porn.  That bald beaver could just sit there in front of the cam all day, and if I had enough credits, I would watch it all day.

Like most Filipina Girls online, Sexy_Princess69 is a sweet and wonderful young cam girl to chat with online.  She is only 18, but after a few months doing the cam porn thing, she acts like a 24 years older.  She is mature, very sexual, and most of all very erotic on the cam.  

Her cam show takes place in a rented cam studio where she performs.  She has a bed there that she uses during her cam shows.   She is a quick worker, meaning she gets right to the point.   She does anal with her fingers, and two to three fingers if you ask.   There is nothing better than watch this hot 18 year older pump her tiny round ass full of three fingers on cam.  Wow. 

Her ass and pussy are near perfection as doggie style facing the camera, or better yet, side view doggie, are the best positions for this Filipina Cam Girl.   The side position is great because she will lean to one side, while her eyes look at the camera as she fingers away at the beautiful Filipina pussy and tight round tiny ass of hers. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Filipina Sex Chat - Quttie Naughty is one wild 19 year older on cam

QuttieNaughty is one hot Filipina Cam Girl
Quttie Naughty may not know how to spell, but she sure knows how to have hot Filipina Cam Sex.   This Sex Chat girl is live daily at Filipina Magic.  She is 19 and as you can see, a very hot Filipina teen.

I spent about 20 minutes with this sexy Pinay Camgirl in private chat the other day.  My dick was hard the entire time, as she wanted me to show her my hard cock over my cam, and wanted to make sure I came for her.  

Two way sex was never better, as we both got off on our webcams. Aftewords, I got her personal Yahoo ID, and we chatted afterwards as well.  She really know how to please.

If you are looking for the cam sex chat experience of your life, then make sure you stop by Filipina Magic to meet Quttie Naughty.  She is only .99 cents per minute and is one wild cam sex girl.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Filipina Sex - BarbieBoobs18 - Is this heaven of the Philippines?

BarbieBoobs18 is live during the early mornings and
late evenings at Filipina Magic
BarbieBoobs18 is a beautiful Filipina 18 year older with a perfect body, perfect tits and a fantasy shaved Filipina pussy made for live cam sex.   She is on her webcam daily at Filipina Magic.

As you can see by the picture to the left, her tits are out of this world.   They are REAL, as this beauty from the Philippines is all natural.   It's not easy for breasts lovers all over the world to fall in love with this cutie.  She is sweet, fun to play with on line, and her webcam sex shows are some of the most erotic you'll find online.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Filipina Sex - Wet Pussy Girl has a hot slender body made for cam sex

Here is a great live cam shot of WetPussyGirl.  You
have to notice that tight slender waste line!
WetPussyGirl is a sexy 18 year older live on cam at AsianCamGirls.   She is a beautiful, slender young Filipina teen, with a tight young body, small tits, and a pussy and ass made for live cam sex. 

She isn't a Top 25 performer yet, probably because she chats too much in her private chat room, but once she takes off those clothes and bends over, she is a five star cam girl no matter what you say. 

After a couple minutes of webcam introductions, I asked her to take off her clothes, which she did.  Then I asked her to turn around and show that perfect little Filipina ass of hers.  She immediately bent over and pulled her tight butt cheeks apart, and started rubbing the eye of her ass.   After a few moments of teasing, she then inserted one finger into her ass.  It was evident at that point that this was no new cumer, but a seasoned sexy Filipina cam girl professional.

I whacked off to hard, because I loved seeing that finger go in her ass.  It was only a matter of moments when she inserted a second finger and gave that erotic look, fingers in her ass, and her head turned around eyeing the cam.  I blew it and that was it.

I would have to say that WetPussyGirl has one fantastic little Filipina ass.  That wet young pussy looks pretty hot as well, as this gorgeous sex cam model doesn't have to do much of anything to please you in her private chat.  For .99 cents, she is well worth the cost of erotic cam sex.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Filipina Sex Chat - CuteAsian21 - One fantastic young Pinay ass

CuteAsian21 is live everyday on her webcam.
She has one fantastic full round ass made for cam sex.
If you look at the picture to the right, you won't see this hot young Asians full round rump.  You'll only see it if you visit her at Cams2Chat.  This lovely young 19 year older is a sexy Pinay cam girl made for live cam sex.  CuteAsian21 is her name, and her ass play is her entire game.

I met her online, kind of near the bottom of the Filipina Magic page.  She was an extrodinary find, as most of the top cam girls are located in the Top Models are - up top on the main site. 

The first thing that struck me odd about this beauty was her smile and geniune niceness in FREE CHAT.  She obviously liked chatting online, and loved making friends with new foreign men.   She immediately smiled and type in "Hello" when I arrived in her chat room.  She asked all the usual questions, and then proceeded with "You wanna play with me in Private baby?" 

I couldn't resist that smile, and clicked the PRIVATE Button.  Her webcam chat price was .99 cents per minute, and went entering her room, she immediately moved her camera position to where she could be seen standing up.   Without hesitation, she went right into some soft rubbing of her small young Filipina breasts.  Then leaned against the wall on her back with one hand inside her bikini top and the other hand in her bikini bottom, masterbating that tasty Pinay snatch of hers.   After some sexy stripping, she bent down on the floor, moved the camera again, she moved her ass toward the camera, and showed off one of the most amazing young Filipina asses I've ever seen.  It was full and round with plenty to go around.   After she spread those amazing cheeks apart, she took one finger and began to rub the eye of her ass.   She licked her fingers, and then stuck one in.  A moment later, she fit two fingers inside and was then working that fantastic young Pinay ass over like a true professional on cam would.

It was only a matter of time where I blew my load all over my computer keyboard, and clicked the END private chat button.   With cum all over my hands, my keyboard, and my mouse now, I had to call it an evening.   Oh, well, worse could have happened, but CuteAsian21, and that fantastic ass of hers, made it all worth while.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Filipina Sex - Fantastic Body and Fantastic Show - Lovely Hot Girl

LovelyHotGirl is more than most men can handle
 Where they find these camgirls, God only knows?   LovelyHotGirl is another fantastic recommendation for perverts everywhere looking for some sensational cam sex chat.  This Philippine beauty is live on her cam from Manila, Philippines, waiting to tease and tantalize you with her ultra hot young 18 year old body.

LovelyHotGirl's real name is Maria.  She is a full figured young Pinay from Zamboanga, who came to work in the bars of Manila, but instead found herself on webcam.  She has chosen the right profession, as her body is spectacular, and her cam show is more than erotic to make any man swoon in extasy.

LovelyHotGirl's trade mark is her hot hour glass shaped body, complete with perfect breasts and a shaved young pussy that will drive you wild in Private Chat.  She loves to play with both her ass and pussy, and wants you to feel good in her private chat room.

Make your nights less lonely, and her night less lonely, by stopping by Filipina Magic for some wild cam fun.  LovelyHotGirl is waiting, along with about 300 other camgirls ready to please you.  See her now!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Filipina Sex - Boobsilious was born to be wild and live on cam!

Boobsilicious is one hot little number live on cam
Boobsilicious is a sexy full bodied Filipina cam girl that will make you wish you were in the Philippines.   This hot bodied Pinay is live daily at Filipina Magic.  Her body is firm, with nice round tits and an ass that will tease you and your cock all day long.

Girls like this love private chat, as it allows them to meet foreign men and possibly a boyfriend or maybe just a friend for some after hours fun.   But if she can't get it now, then on cam is where she enjoys getting her sex.   Meet her now for FREE, and watch one of the hotter camgirls work magic on line at Filipina Magic.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Filipina Sex - HotBoobies19 - The Best Filipina Cam Girl for live Sex Chat

HotBoobies19 is a beautiful young Filipina cam girl
If you are looking for pure unadulterated sex chat, then meet HotBoobies19.  She is 19 years old, and has one of the more fantastic bodies you will see at Filipina Magic.

Not only does she have a fantastic pair of breasts, but her ass and pussy are just as hot.  Fully shaved with a outgrown labia, this young Pinay hottie loves to lay back on her bed and rub that hot little pussy raw until she gets wet and cums.

One of the reason she is a Top 25 girl, is not only her looks, but her sensual side.  She loves to make you feel like you're in control and you truly feel like she wants you to cum for her online.   Her show is erotic, she is in touch with you from the beginning to end, and you will cum back for more.   She is that sexy.

Meet HotBoobies19, a sexy Pinay live now at Filipina Magic.  She is live for FREE CHAT and you can meet her now.  Her private chat is only .99 cents per minute.  See her now!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Filipina Sex - This Asian teen is Sweet Love on Live Cam

SweetLove is available daytimes at Cams2Chat
 A hot new 18 year older is bringing the word “HOT” to a whole new dimension.  SweetLove is a sexy young Filipina new cumer to cam porn.  She is live daily, along with hundreds of other Asian girls at Cams2Chat.

Spending time in private chat with this wonderful young newby is amazing.  Not only does she have that Filipino friendly way of chatting, she also wants to make sure you cum back for more later on.  
Her private show is amazing, simply because her hot young Pinay body is amazing.   With a full figure, nice wide hips, and round firm C cup tits, you will end up staring at her all day in Private Chat.  She truly is amazing, and will most definitely be gracing the Top 25 list on the site in no time. 
She says she wants to meet a nice foriegn man, not married, but someone who who is nice, strong, and treats her right.  Sounds like a majority of the models on cam, but this one is hot.  You better go meet her online, if you want to see her before she is off with some foreigner.   She is live daily at Cams2Chat.  Meet her FREE right now!

Filipina Sex - BarbieGirl4u - A Filipino Bomb Shell

Naughty_Hottie - aka BarbieGirl4u  - Live on Cam
 If you guys remember BarbieGirl4u, then you will want to know she is back online at Cams2Chat.   Her new stage name is Naughty_Hottie, and this 19 year older is hotter and hornier than ever.

If you have ever had the pleasure of having this beauty in private chat, you know how beautiful her hot little 105lb Pinay body really is.  She has fantastic wide hips, a slender waste line, and breasts that are out of this world.  Her hot pink nipples stick out about a 1/4 inch when she gets hot and horny in private chat.  You can see them rise as she is playing with her bald Pinay pussy.

Taking the time off from sex chat must have been good for this little hot Filipina model, as her body is truly filled out, and those tits are bigger than ever.   She has the face that looks so innocent, but she has the sensual drive of a devil.  With the full fantasy figure and a pussy and ass that will drive any man or woman crazy, she is well worth your time in Private Chat.  Meet Naughty_Hottie today for FREE.  Then, take her into private chat for only .99 cents.  That's right, an ultra cheap price for a dream Filipina date.

Filipina Sex - AsianPrincess18 - A True Asian Princess of Chat

Asian Princess is simply one of the best at Cams2Chat
 After 2 years of webcam sex chat, AsianPrincess18 is still one of the hottest and horniest young cam models at Cams2Chat.  Located in Angeles City, Philippines, this beautiful Pinay has managed to stay out of the bars, by continuing to support herself by live cam sex chat.
I stopped by her chat room, and took her into private chat, as I have done many times before.  I noticed that she was a bit more full bodied than when she was 18 or 19, filling in more at all the right spots – tits, ass and hips.   She is truly a specimin of true perfection.  
Her beautiful face has that angelic quality about it, but also a wimper of juvinility that just makes her chat sessions that much more erotic.  You look at her face while she is playing with that fantastic body of hers, and she stares right back at the cam like she was looking right at you.  She is HOT and HORNY and wants to make you cum.  What a great little Filipino cam model.
We highly recommend a private chat session with AsianPrincess18, as it is most definitely assured that you will get a rise in your crotch out of this hotty.  She is well worth the .99 cents and she will make you very very happy.  Stop by and watch the best Asian body on cams at Cams2Chat!