Saturday, March 19, 2011

Filipina Sex Chat - Filipina Webcams - Kelli4u

When I first met Kelli4u online at Filipina Webcams, I knew this was going to be a great time on cam.   She had an innocent side to her, but also a wild side to her as well.   I was right, and my cam experience with her in Private Sex Chat was one to remember.

While in FREE CHAT, I got all of the intro's out of the way.   I only had about 8 minutes left in my account, so I wanted my minutes to last and have her give me a show that would allow me to whack off before going to bed.  I asked her if she could "Get me off in 8 minutes" and she said, "Your wish is my command."

Bammo, I hit the PRIVATE button and there she was, removing her clothes for me and getting ready to take me on an erotic tour of her hot young Filipina body.   Her ass had "FUCK ME" all over it.  I am not particular to anal sex, but with her ass, I couldn't resist.  I asked her, "Can you just fuck that ass of yours for me baby."  She said, "Yes, for you only baby."  My dick got instantly hard.

It was only after she had 2 fingers in her ass that my cock blew it's load.  She was working her tight little Pinay ass over very hard, all the time looking back in the cam.  Her mouth and face looked like she was in extacy, and I wondered if she truly like getting it up the ass during real sex.  I asked her, and she said, "I love anal sex." 

That was it, and I blew my load.  It obviously didn't take me 8 minutes to cum and I still had about 5 minutes left.  I gave her a five star rating, and still had 5 minutes of time to spend with other ladies on the site.  I highly recommend Kelli4u as she is a PLEASER on cam.

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