Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beautiful Filipina Model BarbieBoobs18

Beautiful Philippine model BarbieBoobs18 is a sexy 23 year older
 I remember five years ago when I joined and met BarbieBoobs18.   She looked almost exactly the same as she does now, with a little less weight, but the same perfect little Asian body that still drives me wild today.   I purchased $25 dollars worth of chat time at Filipina Webcams, when I saw her online.  It was a late week night, I was just checking the models, and saw that she was online.  

She probably makes so much money, that she can afford working during the daytime in the Philippines.   Although most people are asleep in the states, whoremongers like myself are up scouting the latest hotties on this site, looking for a good time.   When I saw her, I was surprised after five years, that she was still online.  I took her into chat, and it was the same, solid exotic experience I had five years earlier, but better.

The first thing that came to mind when she removed her lace lingerie and private, was that her breasts were still as perfect as they were five years ago.   They were even larger.   These are real, no fakes, as Filipina beauties like her that are well endowed are some of the hottest girls on the planet.  She doesn't need fake tits, as her tits are more than a mouthful and in all sense of the word - Pure Perfection.

When she removed her panties underneath, and spread her legs, she gave that look to me on the camera like she was ready for my cock.  I told her that I want her to finger her pussy hard for me.   As her pussy got wet, I asked her to take her fingers out and put them in her mouth to taste her pussy juices that were flowing out.  She did so, with that look like a cock had just come out and she was looking up at her stud making sure the eye contact was there while she blew your cock.

All in all, I spent around $12 for my chat with her, as she was just too hot for me to not want to blow my load stroking one off in the early hours while the wife and kids were asleep.  She's the best, and I'll be back tonight to spend the other $8.00 bucks on her at Filipina Webcams.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Amazing Filipina Dildo Penetration on Cam

Beautiful Valerie has one of the hotter shows on live cam.  Her ass and pussy is simply out of this world.  She owns a huge 9 inch vibrating dildo that loves finding its way deep inside her shaved young Filipina pussy and ass.  This masterbation prone webcam model loves cam sex so much as the dildo seems more like her best friend.
Doggie style with this model in private chat will blow your mind.  Her webcam shows are totally driven by the man or woman on the other side of the webcam, following instructions like a good cam whore.   She cant wait to get mouth or pussy or even her ass around the big dildo, as it goes in tight, but her pussy gets wet to allow her to have an incredible time with it during private sex chat.
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Filipina Sex - Angel Flower - Hot Asian Pussy

Angel Flower is a hot bodied 24 year old Pinay that loves getting down and dirty in her cam studio for you.  She works during the evening at Cam Crush, a great site with high definition cams and lots of hot Asian girls.

Angel Flower is a special little Filipina hottie, who has a flowered pussy that will blow your mind.  Imagine that hot tight pussy wrapping around a large dildo, or even your cock.  It completely engulfs it, and the labia just wraps around it while she fucks herself.  It's truly amazing.

Angel Flower like most of the girls cost $1.99 per minute.  She is erotic, sensual, and most of all, very horny.  She won't stop fucking her tight Asian ass and pussy until you blow your load.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Filipina Sex Chat - Alena at Filipina Webcams

Alina is a relatively new addition to Filipina Webcams.   She has a great body for a 22 year older and knows how to use it on webcam.  Imagine if you wil, a horny Pinay doll ready to explode in bursts of wet orgasms as you tell her what to do and how to do it.  What makes her even more hornier, is when you show her your cock on your cam at the same time. She loves to see guys whack it off while she fingers her tight ass and pussy.

Camgirls like Alina are live daily at Filipina Webcams.  Alina is a day time girl as you'll find her along with hundreds of other beauties waiting to please you in their live chat room.   Cam sex starts at prices as low as .99 cents up to $1.99, so it's cheap, fun and will make you cum back for lots more fun later.  

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Filipina Sex Chat - Cheesy Girl at Filipina Webcams

CheesyGirl is just another hottie made for cam porn at  I can't tell you how many hotties this site has, and how much fun $20 will get you online.

CheesyGirl is a hot young 19 year older, new to cam porn.  Her bikini bar experience pays off, as this beauty knows how to please on cam.  Watching her open her mouth up wide, moaning in extasy, while she fingers her ass and pussy is truly amazing.  She stares at you while she gets nice and wet, and orgasms constantly for you when you get nasty with her.  It seemed everytime I told her "finger that pussy baby" she got wetter and wetter.  Wow.

Girls like this are truly amazing, and CheesyGirl is joined by hundreds of other Filipina brown bottomed beauties online daily.  Choose from MILFS to TEENS to COEDS to COUPLES and have fun all night long.  Meet CheesyGirl today only at Filipina Webcams.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Asian Sexy Doll at Filipina Webcams - Hot Petitie Pinay Body

Asian Sex Doll is a beautiful Filipina live from Manila, Philippines on her webcam daily only at!  She has been doing live cam shows for over a year, and has the body, and the sensuality to make any show a memorable one. 

I happen to love petite women, and take AsianSexyDoll into private at least once a week.  Everytime I get on with her, it's like we're having a secret love affair.  She has a boyfriend, and I have a wife.  But that doesn't bother me, as I know, her number one goal is to makes sure I get my rocks off during her show.

Watching this hottie play with her tight shaved Filipina Pussy and tight Pinay Ass makes me cum almost instantly.  Her willingness to follow my every command and that look she gives at me while playing with her wet labia, make me cum all the time. 

I love AsianSexyDoll's show, and her body is always hot and ready for the cam.  If you are up for one of the best Asian Camgirls in the business, check her out daily at

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Filipina Sex Chat - Filipina Webcams - Kelli4u

When I first met Kelli4u online at Filipina Webcams, I knew this was going to be a great time on cam.   She had an innocent side to her, but also a wild side to her as well.   I was right, and my cam experience with her in Private Sex Chat was one to remember.

While in FREE CHAT, I got all of the intro's out of the way.   I only had about 8 minutes left in my account, so I wanted my minutes to last and have her give me a show that would allow me to whack off before going to bed.  I asked her if she could "Get me off in 8 minutes" and she said, "Your wish is my command."

Bammo, I hit the PRIVATE button and there she was, removing her clothes for me and getting ready to take me on an erotic tour of her hot young Filipina body.   Her ass had "FUCK ME" all over it.  I am not particular to anal sex, but with her ass, I couldn't resist.  I asked her, "Can you just fuck that ass of yours for me baby."  She said, "Yes, for you only baby."  My dick got instantly hard.

It was only after she had 2 fingers in her ass that my cock blew it's load.  She was working her tight little Pinay ass over very hard, all the time looking back in the cam.  Her mouth and face looked like she was in extacy, and I wondered if she truly like getting it up the ass during real sex.  I asked her, and she said, "I love anal sex." 

That was it, and I blew my load.  It obviously didn't take me 8 minutes to cum and I still had about 5 minutes left.  I gave her a five star rating, and still had 5 minutes of time to spend with other ladies on the site.  I highly recommend Kelli4u as she is a PLEASER on cam.

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